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Different funds have all been managed differently.  Some were managed effectively and some were not.  But the major factor all pensions have is usually Governmental Laws regulations stifled certain pensions. 

Oversight by the Government is lax, and accountability to those who have invaded pensions and utilize this money for their own benefit, at the expense of the participants, because like years ago there is no competition other than stock markets, hedging and other activity that seems to work for those who make lots of money doing it but are not benefiting some of these pension at all.

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These insights may be the key to helping find solutions to prevent insolvency to funds and to protect participants from other's suggesting cuts without addressing some important details that are being over looked

You are worth this fight.  And your own voices are utterly worth our time we invest to help you. Please use them to stand up and help solve this issue.

This Website is dedicated to the Memory of Dale Dobbs His inspiration is the reason we all know each other! We miss you Dale!


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