CBO letter on BLA

The letter shows that many plans will not be able to pay back the loans. 

Should we continue lying to the American people?  No, you are good people, who must not lie to the rest of the population

No, we ask for Restitution, call out the wrong, and insist that this issue created by potential mismanagement, lack of transparency, complete lack of dealing with the issues as they arose, and even ignoring the backstop insurance, by never dealing with the payouts that should be raised to deal with the cost of living adjustments, and making whole those people who did nothing but trust people to care for their money for them.

Retirees who gave up raises for a decent retirement and worked hard to have the American Dream did not deserve the lack of attention and ignoring the issues here that has endangered their pensions. 

You don't destroy people's lives for opportunities to travel abroad and fly first class on their dime.  You don't allow the DOL to take a manager of a failing fund and think that person is qualified to give any decent input on pensions, and divert the attention to anything other than his job of management.  

You don't allow banks and asset companies to continue managing even as they have been sued by the participants because the fund managers and trustees wouldn't do it, and of course they settled.

But the fact the fund didn't remove them, speaks louder to how utterly poor the funds continue to ignore issues at the expense of the participants of these funds.

Restitution from the Government who looked the other way, and removal of these poor fiduciaries, managers and investment companies, and replacing them with those who demand better transparency, the ability to remove failing people easier, and making the participants whole, is the only solution that anyone who has done any deep research in all of this would conclude. 

The older population and some of the hardest working of that population who spent more time working than they spent with family, deserve at least to have the opportunity, at this time, to have a little peace. 

America and our Government cannot turn it's back on a population of people who helped make this country thrive.  

These people gave their lives to America.  Now it's time for this country to pay them back for their loyalty to everything they did right.

I say restitution is deserved.