Letter that needs to go to Congress. All of them!

This letter shows some things here, that most in Congress are ignorant about.  Why is it so important to see this at this time?

Because in order for you as participants to be able to appeal to Congress to fix this issue and to show why all this folly was not your fault.  

Yes, this does damn some people, and entities, and yes, it does throw a bomb into the way things may be done here, but getting the participants away from the fallout and protecting them is what the goal is here.

No one who sees this letter should think that this should ever continue to go on.  Sadly, it simply shows, that people are more concerned in other things that what ERISA Law says they are to be attentive too.

Get this letter to both sides of the House, the Senate, and education Congress of how utterly wrong all this is, and how utterly out of your hands this has all been.  No one knows how hard it is to get documentation on your pensions in the first place.  Why is it so hard?  

Because seeing things like this speak to how wrong they were managing, how wrong EBSA was, in not addressing or doing anything with it by filing it, and the deception and lies of how much a fund really lost during these years.  

I don't know a single soul, if they saw it that wouldn't be angry and want to protect you much all the more. 

That is the goal of this letter.  

This isn't about filing lawsuits, this is about showing we could, and people can excuse things all they want, but the very people who at the most important level, who were to protect you, instead were doing something else.

It's there, it's in black and white, and please help use educate Congress, and educate yourselves here. 

This is something that should have happened here. But it did, and it still is happening, and it's up to you to show people, you don't accept this.